How to use uwannadu

uwannadu is a free service designed to help people choose the ideal career for them, and prepare for it. uwannadu helps you:

Explore your options:

  • Match your interests to careers
  • Search careers by title or industry

Discover career reality:

  • Watch video interviews of professionals
  • Get the details on the career requirements

Take your next step:

  • Find profiles of schools to prepare you
  • Find profiles of employers to hire you

To begin… Register.

The site is FREE. When you register you get more features and can save your progress.

Start with the short interest Quiz. It's fun and helps you find careers you may not have known. Simply select the picture of the work environment you like best.

Already have a career in mind? Select Careers at the top of the page and search by name like 'Doctor', or explore within an industry such as 'Healthcare'.

Browse through thumbnails of interviews of professionals discussing their careers. Click Videos at the top.

After taking the Quiz you get a list of suggested careers. Select the career to view its Profile and learn more. Choosing a career by name or by video thumbnail takes you directly to the career profile.

Career Profiles provide a detailed look at that career and what's required. Each Profile also links to related careers with similar required skills, knowledge and tasks.

Click various careers until you find the ones you like best, then 'favorite' them by clicking the star in the top right corner.

Select Desk at the top. Here, registered users view their saved history, Quiz results and favorited careers, colleges and companies.

Need more help? Watch this silent video tutorial.