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What people are saying:

"My students are normally intimidated by the task of career discovery, but uwannadu is very user-friendly, fun and fast."

Jennifer, High School Program Coordinator and Administrator
"When teens see a goal beyond college, they make better choices."

John, College admissions director
"uwannadu is a great resource for students, teachers and counselors, I use their simple lesson plan to get my students all thinking about what really matters. What they want to do with their education."

Mary, High School Career Counselor
"Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs talks about great jobs in the trades - that is important at our school too. It's not just college or nothing."

Howard, PTA President
"Being able to have my students view interviews of real people, with diversity, talking honestly about their careers is wonderful."

James, High School Teacher
"Students are so focused on 'the dream' of getting into college, they mistakenly think getting a job just magically follows. Vocational training is what they should focus on, and that may or may not require college."

Tammy, High School ESL Teacher
"Most of my students come to the US for opportunity. uwannadu is a fabulous resource to expose my students to the world of opportunity in this country.

Denise, High School ESL Teacher
"It's literally shows my kids in a graphic way what they can do. It's like a buffet restaurant, they get inspired to sample a little of everything until they find their favorite."

Frank, Parent of High School student
"My daughter didn't know she could take her personal interests in bugs and actually make a career out of it. uwannadu has opened both our eyes to a whole world of career opportunities."

Mia, Parent of High School student
"Visual learning is really important for engaging my ESL students and uwannadu's use of picture-based quizzes, infographics and videos really connect with them."

Pam, High School ESL Teacher
"My students don't like to read long descriptions. They like video, graphics and simple text. This is why uwannadu is great!"

Deborah, AP coordinator
"Our school district only pushes college, which leaves those who don't go feeling like losers. I think that is wrong."

Patty, High School Counselor
"Today's students are very tech savvy, but also they want everything quickly, so having this important information in an accessible media format they prefer is a great help."

Marsha, Community College Administrator
"I loved how uwannadu takes my students all the way through the timeline, from matching careers to their interests, illuminating the career, showing what degrees to get, what schools offer those degrees and then what companies hire that job and even current job opportunities. It's a GREAT resource. And it's free! Love it."

Sheila, College and Career Information Coordinator