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What people are saying

"The cost of selecting the wrong person can run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars."

Associated Press
"80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions."

Harvard Business Review
"Poor skills match and unclear performance objectives are leading factors for bad hires."

Staffing Service Survey
"To avoid cultural misfit… it's critical that an open definition of the company's culture exists in some form."

Human Capital Strategy Firm
"We spend $40MM every year hiring and training new talent, then half leave in less than two years."

Fortune 50 HR Leader
"A detailed job description will help reduce the number of resumes you receive from unqualified applicants."

Staffing Agency
"Our interns stay with us much longer than those who didn't know what working for us would be like, but not everyone gets an internship."

VP HR Consumer Packaged Goods Firm
"Employers that don't take soft skills such as leadership and communication into account may set themselves up for a bad match."

Employment Service
"On our exit interviews 56% of our departing employees say "this isn't what I expected". We need to fix that."

Talent manager - Global Consulting Firm
"Wrong hiring occurs when hiring managers and HR people confuse the job description with the job criteria."

Human Capital Strategy Firm
"We waste so much on people who should not be here, and miss too many who should have been."

CEO US fashion retailer