Helping you and your students decide...
What career?
What college?
What's next?

...for free.

Uwannadu matches students to real careers. They view video interviews of working professionals, engaging infographics and comparable data about careers and collegesā€¦ on any deviceā€¦ for free.

We help high school students:

  • Match their interests to potential careers
  • Understand the degrees these jobs require
  • Compare colleges where they can make it happen

We help counselors and mentors:

  • Engage students with media they prefer
  • Expand your reach to more students
  • Make your counseling more effective

Free Resources

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Guided Practice
  • 45 min course
  • Helpful Tips
  • Homework



These double-sided flyers provide a basic overview of uwannadu and its' benefits to counselors and students

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Counselor Pack


  • 1 poster
  • 3 Counselor Flyers
  • 3 Counselor Guides
  • 3 Student Flyers
  • 100 Cards for Students

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Ideal for distributing to students. Available upon request in multiples of 100 at no cost to you.