Find outwhat it is like working at Ashoka, a leading non-profit for social change.

Ashoka is a unique workplace. If you walk into some of the offices across the world, you will see whiteboards, standing desks and creative co-working setups. It is unique in terms of work culture as well. Teams come together fluidly - they form, change, adapt and collaborate with other teams as the need arises. Many Ashoka employees would readily volunteer that one of the favorite aspects of their job is the people they work with.

Ashoka attracts high caliber talent. More specifically, it attracts individuals with long term vision and commitment for shaping new patterns for a better society - yes, these are people committed to making social change happen in real time! That calls for real grit, constant learning and adjusting, relentless and realistic how-to thinking and a passion for seeing ideas come to life.